Women in Developing Countries Result to Extreme Health Measures

Women in Developing Countries Result to Extreme Health Measures


Women’s health is a controversial topic all over the world. No one wants to talk about it. You know what else no want talks about enough? Underdeveloped nations across the globe. These nations often struggle with things that we in thriving countries take advantage of every day.

How do these two things relate to each other? Well, women that live in developing countries typically have zero health care options. In fact, they don’t even have access to sanitary products. This lack of knowledge about women’s health care and the nonexistent access to sanitary products can be devastatingly consequential for women in third world nations.

In fact, ABC tells us that “some menstruating girls in developing countries can miss up to eight months of school over three years” because of their inadequate health care. ABC reports that some women in developing nations resort to extreme measures, such as using animal manure or even rocks as the alternative to the sanitary products they need.

Fortunately, there can be a solution to this problem. Nations that have the resources to do so can donate the needed goods to developing countries that can not provide them. All over the globe, more than 14.3 million tons of goods donated by American textiles help provide clothing to families. These donated products are given new life in underdeveloped nations.

Australia has taken a huge initiative with their charitable organization named Days for Girls. The group formed in 2012 and hopes to benefit over 1 million women by the end of 2018. This group has distributed thousands of sanitary kits to more than 100 countries already. ABC also reports that “these kits produced by volunteers include waterproof sanitary pads or shields, fabric liners, a face washer, soap and plastic bags for washing so the fabric items can be reused.”

Women all over the world are now jumping at the chance to help their fellow sisters with one of the most basic needs of life. An amazing, undeniable feeling is brought upon these women who are volunteering for groups like Days for Girls. Hopefully, this initiative will take off and women across the globe will have adequate access to health care.