Small Businesses: Are You Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?

Small Businesses: Are You Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?


Small Business Saturday is known for being the day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday where one can purchase items from locally owned shops. However, Small Business Saturdays tends to be overshadowed by being sandwiched between two of the biggest shopping days of the year.

American Express launched the day-long program back in 2010 and has seen its success grow over the past years. Even though online sales have drastically grown since its creation, small businesses still benefit greatly by getting out of their daily routine and into the holiday shopping world.

American Express has helped many, many small businesses over the years by giving them marketing tools and encouraging them to get their name out in their community. In fact, the Small Business Saturday Facebook page has well over 3.4 million likes and is constantly growing day by day. It’s a great way to help the businesses bring traffic through the door.

How else can local, small businesses increase sales in December?

Forbes says many small businesses can do a few things that may help them become more successful during the holiday season. They can take the proper steps to help them promote their deals, their product, and their business itself so that more people are likely to enter the store over the course of the next few weeks.

A business owner may choose to create special offers for the days like Small Business Saturday, for instance. Everyone loves a good deal, and offering exclusive deals for certain people who enter the store at a certain time may help to increase foot traffic.

Business owners may also choose to include a gift with purchase, or some other sort of promotional incentive with the purchase of a product. These promotional incentives can be anything from a water bottle to a Christmas ornament; basically, just anything with the company’s name and logo printed on it. About 31% of consumers in the United States already own a promotional bag, and there’s no shortage of options for promoting your brand’s awareness.

Since small businesses are typically locally-owned, it may be a good idea to collaborate with other small-business owners in the area. If a business owner owns a juice bar, it would be interesting to see them work with a yoga studio. For example, if one customer goes into the juice bar, they may be given a discount on yoga classes by bringing their receipt into the studio that day. This can help to bring customers to multiple locations in a small business district.

Ending the year strong is important for business owners. If you’re looking to end 2017 with a strong fourth quarter, you’re running out of time to implement creative strategies for getting customers in the door.

Have any holiday promotions worked for you in the past? Let us know if the comments!