Exposure 2017 Empowering Female Skaters Across the Globe

Exposure 2017 Empowering Female Skaters Across the Globe


In early November, some of the best skateboarders in the world came to Encinitas, California, to compete in an increasingly popular annual skate competition. These skaters didn’t make this trip to only skate, however, they also made a powerful statement.

It wasn’t just skaters from across the globe that came to this annual event — it was the best female skaters the world has to offer.

Within the skating culture, a “casual skater” is someone who skates less than 25 times a year. But for years, even women and girls who spend all day skateboarding, perfecting their skills, and taking severe beatings still wouldn’t get the respect they deserve. And in the professional skateboarding world, men dominate the scene.

Luckily, that seems to be changing.

The sixth annual Exposure Skate competition hosted more than 130 top female skaters from Japan, South Africa, France, the U.S., Argentina, Canada, Holland, Australia, and Brazil — all competitions for a $50,000 prize and to help grow the sport and empower women and girls from everywhere.

“The progression of women’s skateboarding has been awesome,” said two-time X Games gold medalist Greg Lutzka. “It’s great to be able to come out and support it.”

Exposure Skate, a nonprofit that empowers girls trough skating, has been showcasing the top female skateboarders from around the world and even allows families to come and watch for free.

Here is a link to some of the action: Exposure 2017.

The LA84 Foundation found that skateboarding is being played more than any other youth sport and competitions like this help it grow even more.

“We need to allocate more resources to drive home that we believe in our youth and the miraculous manner they use skateboarding to envision a more inclusive, diverse, and socially just society,” said Renata Simril, president and CEO of the LA84 Foundation.