Potential Welder Shortages Inspire an Influx of Welding Classes Across Nation

Potential Welder Shortages Inspire an Influx of Welding Classes Across Nation


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Across the nation, there is a shortage of skilled workers occurring. Positions in welding and mechanics are having trouble attracting young workers, and with older generations soon to retire, it could mean disaster for the industries in the coming years.

With over 50% of American products requiring welding in some form, many institutions are pushing to interest young people with everything from high school and college programs to classes held at community locations. These locations have even taken to highlighting the wages offered by these positions to get students’ attention.

One of these programs being offered is the HazardFactory Classes that offers people the ability to learn a new skill and explore their options. One of the individuals that took up this opportunity was the Connect2Classes CEO Dallas Jasper, who was taking the time to experience a class from her own marketplace.

To help her with an intimidating course like welding, and to do some bonding while learning a new skill, she brought a member of her team. Michael Duarte-Pedrosa was also a little intimidated by the pace of the course.

“You aren’t in a cubicle anymore when you attend Quick Intro to Welding,” said Michael. “Once arrived you are greeted by a landscape of nothing but metal with instructor Mckenzie waiting for your arrival to begin sharing her knowledge. You jump right into the course by protecting yourself with safety gear and a discussion on welding, theory, safety and equipment. As the welding mask slides over your head, you realize that this is really going to happen — you are going to melt some metal!” Michael explained.

Their task for the day, with a new one assigned each day of the course, was to assemble a three-part souvenir. The purpose of it was to develop different welding skills under the instruction of HazardFactory’s expert welding instructors. According to the students that attended the class, it was a great experience.

“The feeling of accomplishment once a project is finished is incredibly powerful,” students said.

The welding classes are suitable for individuals of all ages, including adults and children. They recently hosted a birthday party for an eight-year-old, during which the kids created their own metal sculpture. They also make for great team-building events, Jasper and Michael believed.

HazardFactory is just one of many organizations opening around the nation aiming to generate an interest in the welding career. Whether that be for a hobby, an artistic interest, or to start a new vocation, experts in the welding field are doing their hardest to push a steady supply of workers to meet the industry demand.