Manicures and Auto Repairs: Girls Auto Clinic Makes it All Possible

Manicures and Auto Repairs: Girls Auto Clinic Makes it All Possible


Going to the spa has always been a popular American pastime, and the nation has experienced an increase in spa visits in recent years. In fact, back in 2015, the spa industry experienced a 2.1% increase from the year before.

And with the help of one forward-thinking entrepreneur, the spa industry is taking a turn for the unique.

Patrice Banks is a mechanic who had a simple idea to change the face of women in the auto mechanic industry. She noticed that since the world of auto repair is male dominated, women felt uneasy taking their cars for routine repairs. So, Girls Auto Clinic was born.

But it is not just an average repair shop. Instead, it is a beauty shop mechanic hybrid located outside Philadelphia, and it allows women to get spa treatments while their car is getting serviced. The salon, called Clutch Beauty Bar, offers hair and nail treatments which offer a one-stop shop for women on the go.

Banks’ goal of establishing Girls Auto Clinic is to make women feel relaxed and respected in their experience getting repairs. After noticing blatant disrespect from male colleagues and the apprehension of women going alone to get their car serviced, she decided there was a need for a safe space where women could trust they were being serviced in a respectable, honest way.

Plus, since the average auto loan borrower has $17,966 in auto debt, Banks wanted to provide a reputable mechanic at reasonable prices so women don’t feel taken advantage of and waste more money.

According to a survey completed by Catalyst, women only comprised 7.3% of the auto mechanic industry. Not only that but 77% of male mechanics were found to sell women unnecessary car repairs and charge them at a higher price. Girls Auto Clinic is trying to lower this statistic by focusing on providing education to women who are curious about the needs of their car. The self-proclaimed sheCANics who work for Banks make sure the female car owners leave the shop more informed than when they came in, and offer a safe space to ask any question, big or small.

While there is only one location as of right now, Banks is hoping that Girls Auto Clinic will spread nationwide and pave the way for women to feel confident in making well-informed decisions about their cars.