Ivanka Will Attend Women’s Economic Summit This Month in Berlin

Ivanka Will Attend Women’s Economic Summit This Month in Berlin


Despite Angela Merkel’s awkward visit to the White House last month, the First Daughter has accepted the German Chancellor’s invitation to work together in Berlin.

Shortly before Ivanka Trump releases her upcoming book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, she will travel overseas to attend the W20 summit, a women’s economic conference now in its third year.

The summit, which features attendees from other G20 countries as well as four other U.S. delegates, will be focused on female empowerment, specifically addressing the issues of access to finance, women’s inclusion in the workforce, and closing the digital gender divide.

While at the summit, Ms. Trump is expected to look at apprenticeship programs for women.

On social media, she wrote, “Looking forward to working together in Berlin next month to promote the role of women in the economy and the future of our workforce globally #W20‬.”

While Ms. Trump highlighted issues pertaining to women’s inequality in the workplace during her father’s campaign, she has yet to address the issue in public since his inauguration.

Still, Ms. Trump has tried to handle a difficult transition with grace. While 63% of adults move to a new community at least once in their lives, Ms. Trump’s move was much more heavily publicized than that of the average person. She had to step down from her executive position at her father’s organization in order to come to Washington, D.C., and although she is not a paid employee, she was given an office in the West Wing and security clearance — a move which raised a few eyebrows.

Ms. Trump also experienced backlash with her own fashion brand stemming from her father’s election win. Her lines were boycotted, and she recently became the subject of a class-action lawsuit that alleges she unfairly profited from the White House’s promotion of her clothes.

Still, one hopes that Ms. Trump will be willing to work with, and stand up for, other women from across the world — when members of her father’s administration have been accused of not doing the same.