Despite Family Celebrity Status, Relationship Issues Can Affect Anyone

Despite Family Celebrity Status, Relationship Issues Can Affect Anyone


Although the eccentric lives of famous celebrities can often feel like they’re being lived on another planet, when they struggle with alcohol abuse and relationship issues, it’s easy to emphasize on a human level.

The average person doesn’t have too much in common with the highest all-time international goal scorer in soccer history or the child of the former Vice President, but some of their problems are far too common.

Case in point:

Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, has been reportedly struggling recently with extremely dangerous problems that anyone can fall victim to, no matter their status.

According to Radar Online, Biden has been accused of spending more than $120,000 on drugs, alcohol, and other forms of excess. In addition to his reported drug and alcohol abuse, Biden also finds himself in the middle of a nasty divorce with his spouse Kathleen. Hunter and Kathleen split up in 2015, but Kathleen finally filed for divorce on February 23, 2017.

“His spending rarely relates to legitimate family expenses, but focuses on his own travel, gifts for other women, alcohol, strip clubs, or other personal indulgences,” Kathleen says in the divorce papers.

Then there’s two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and soccer superstar Abby Wambach, who has struggled very publicly in recent years as well.

Hollywood Life reports that Wambach is divorcing her wife, Sarah Huffman, just three years after they began their marriage.

Wambach attributed the couple’s decision to divorce to her own problems with drugs and alcohol.

In Wambach’s new memoir, Forward, she detailed her addiction to prescription drugs and her abuse problems with alcohol, all while struggling to maintain her marriage. After her 2016 DUII arrest in Oregon (which prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with a .08% or higher BAC level), Wambach finally realized she needed to get her life back on the right track, which meant ending her relationship with Huffman.

Wambach has since gotten sober and is now engaged to Glennon Doyle.

Despite the lavish lifestyles that these famous celebs sometimes live, alcoholism doesn’t discriminate. The average U.S. family probably can’t afford to waste $120,000 on a wild spending spree, and many people feel lucky to go on a single family vacation each year. These vacations can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately, they can also lead to some serious relationship issues.

While 60% of Americans enjoy doing nothing but relaxing while they’re on vacation at the beach, divorce rates often spike after the couple’s return to their normal lives.

According to The Huffington Post, the University of Washington released a study that showed an increase in divorces during the weeks that follow both winter and summer vacations.

The report suggests that couples, no matter their financial situation or how they famous they are, often go on these vacations to save their relationship. If that doesn’t work, the trips exacerbate underlying conflict and tensions between spouses.

Marriage is tough. It’s important to realize that simply going on a nice vacation, becoming a rich and famous celebrity, or being a Vice President’s son won’t save your marriage.