Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth Push Through Grass Ceiling In Cannabis Industry

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth Push Through Grass Ceiling In Cannabis Industry

Photo: Cannabis Now

Over the course of the past decade, the landscape of addiction has changed dramatically nationwide. In 2012, there were over 259 million prescriptions written for painkillers, which represents a 400% increase in prescription opiate use in only 10 years.

In response to this, the United States has seen the emergence of many holistic methods of pain relief and treatment, including the legalization of marijuana for both medical and personal use. More and more entrepreneurs are creating innovative solutions for the management of pain, including actor Whoopi Goldberg.

The celebrity, along with cannabis expert Maya Elisabeth, has created a line of holistic products designed specifically for women’s pain management. Their line of goods, called “Whoopi and Maya,” has four themes: relax, soak, rub, and savor. There is a whole array of edibles, salves, bath salts, and tinctures, which are meant to channel the healing properties of cannabis oil to bring immediate PMS relief.

The products in Whoopi and Maya are meant for those looking to minimize their reliance on over-the-counter pain aids. But this company isn’t just another pop-up in the cannabis industry; it is a groundbreaking effort to propel women entrepreneurs into the world of marijuana.
Deemed the “grass ceiling” by Goldberg and Elisabeth, getting started in the cannabis industry is quite difficult if you are a woman. Only 36% of leadership roles are held by women, and while this is a 14% increase than in the corporate world, it still represents a stark difference between men and women in management.

But Elisabeth and Whoopi seem to have all their bases covered. Not only are the cannabis infusions in the products grown by ethnically sourced methods, the plant is also harvested and cared for by the female collective OM Grown.

The idea of creating a brand marketed specifically towards women was Goldberg’s idea, as she has been an outspoken advocate for the legalization of marijuana for decades. Once she combined her efforts with Elisabeth’s already successful OM Grown collective, they decided that nothing could hold them back from developing a product that lives up to its claims.

However, the duo is very adamant that in creating this female-centered product, they are not trying to exclude men. Their goal was to create something that hadn’t been developed before, and just because it was created for menstrual cramp relief, that doesn’t mean men can’t use it!

“Cannabis doesn’t discriminate against who she heals. Even if you don’t believe in her, she can still heal your cancer. And even if you’re menopausal or a man, all these products can still bring you relief. The herbs all have beneficial side effects that are good for everybody…And she’s so generous,” Elisabeth tells Cannabis Now. “She doesn’t discriminate against … what she helps you with. She’s like, ‘I’ll take away your moon and lift your spirits and help you sleep tonight. And that shoulder that was bugging you will feel better, too.’ It’s a big deal if you can save yourself from 12 hours of darkness and pain.”

Speaking of generosity, Elisabeth believes that this powerful component of cannabis is exactly what fuels her passion for her business. She explains that she wants to be able to add cannabis to existing products that will make people feel renewed and refreshed.

For women that are interested in entering the growing cannabis industry, Elisabeth suggests creating something that isn’t already on the market, then enhancing it with cannabis to create a supremely unique product.

The Whoopi and Maya line includes a lavender Epson bath salts soak, a rub for on-the-spot treatment, and a tincture that can be added to any beverage. Their most popular product is a cacao spread that can be eaten with plenty of foods, and while there are 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced in the United States every year, Whoopi believes that nothing compares to a little of this melted chocolate on top of an ice cream sundae.

So what’s next for Whoopi and Maya? According to Elisabeth, they will focus on baths, as well as incorporating more edibles into the line.

Unfortunately, these products are only available in California, where marijuana is legalized for both medical and recreational use. Learn more about it here.