Stranger Gives Up Shoes to Family Escaping from Fort Lauderdale Shooting

Stranger Gives Up Shoes to Family Escaping from Fort Lauderdale Shooting


A family attempting to flee from the horror unfolding at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport on Friday received help from and unlikely source and in an unlikely way. A complete stranger offered his shoes to help them get to safety more quickly.

Amy Salis penned a Facebook post about the event. In it, she described how she and her family were at the airport when a gunman opened fire in a public baggage claim area. Upon hearing the first few rounds of gunfire, Salis and her family began to flee from the airport.

During their escape, Salis’s daughter Emma lost her shoes. Their escape took them through fields, rocky terrain, and other unpaved areas where Emma’ss flip-flops were unfortunately lost.

While in the middle of their escape, a man walking on the road noticed Emma’s lack of shoes and offered his to her. He took them off and insisted that she take them, suggesting that he could simply continue walking in his socks.

In her Facebook post, Salis explained that she wanted help finding the man who gave up his shoes for her daughter and thank him. In addition, she wishes to return his shoes to him. Using products like shoe trees and polish can multiply a shoe’s lifespan by 10 times, but the generosity experienced in this situation is simply priceless.

While Salis still searches for the generous stranger who offered up his shoes, thousands of people on flights or in the airport that day are now waiting for thousands of their items to be released from the airport.

More than 20,000 items are sitting in an aviation hangar at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport after they were abandoned or taken as evidence from the crime scene that unfolded on Friday.

The FBI released approximately two-thirds of the baggage being held by Monday, but there are still thousands of items that need to be inspected and returned to their rightful owners.

Airport spokesman Greg Meyer explained that the entire event was a “panic situation” where airline passengers drove off in cars or, like Salis and her family, ran off on foot after dropping everything they had with them.

Despite the calamity and tragedy, Myers and his employees were able to get things running as smoothly as possible by Monday. “I was very proud of my colleagues, along with the airlines,” Myers said.