Art Community Makes Feelings Well Known With “Dear Ivanka” Campaign

Art Community Makes Feelings Well Known With “Dear Ivanka” Campaign

Courtesy of Instagram

Roughly 71% of art collectors have purchased a piece of art or installation online, including Ivanka Trump, one of the nation’s most high-profile art collectors today.

The daughter of the President-elect has a very wide range of installations lining her New York apartment, which are visible to her two million Instagram followers.

Her online aesthetic is low-key wealth, not unlike the rooms in some of her father’s hotels. Ivanka Trump’s presence has long been more personable than her father’s. She shares photos of herself as a child as well as pictures of her own children. She’ll post whimsical shots of herself, shimmying in front of one of the pieces she’s purchased.

For Ivanka Trump, the art has become synonymous with her personal brand.

“I think there are a lot of artists that are uncomfortable now being incorporated, or leveraged, as part of the Ivanka Trump brand,” said Bill Powers, an art dealer who sold the soon-to-be First Daughter a piece by Louis Eisner in 2013.

A few artists have taken a stand. The Halt Action Group (HAG) launched a campaign called “Dear Ivanka” on Instagram, where they use stock images of Ivanka Trump and overlay them with concerns regarding her father’s policies, which many were convinced do not align with her ideals, as well as address some of the areas where she has been hypocritical. Curator Alison Gingeras, Bill Powers, and artist Jonathan Horowitz founded HAG, and along with other artists hope to use the platform to “thwart the normalization of what was unfolding in front of our eyes,” according to Gingeras.

Artists, dealers, psychoanalysts, and collectors comprise HAG. These people have made an effort to reach out to the artists that are featured in Ivanka Trump’s Instagram feed in order to gauge their feelings towards “the hypocrisy she embodies,” Gingeras said.

Alex Da Corte is one of the artists who has responded with force, writing, “Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.”

Ivanka Trump has not responded to the campaign.