This Handsome ‘Santa’ Is Causing Quite a Stir on the Internet (Videos)

This Handsome ‘Santa’ Is Causing Quite a Stir on the Internet (Videos)


*Damn Santa. You kinda fine. For an old white man. Paul Mason is a Canadian model that you can pretty much assume gets especially busy around the Christmas holiday.  What with all his “fans” singing, “All I want for Christmas…

…Is YOU.”

That’s because Mason doesn’t look like your average Santa. Yes he has the white hair. The white beard. And the kindly face of the jolly old man we grew up with.

But THEY didn’t look like HIM…and that is why the Internet is buzzing in all colors.

Chiseled cheeks notwithstanding, this white-haired Canadian with the natural Santa-esque looks has been charming women (er, men and whoever else with a pulse) in malls all over Canada for more than 30 years.

He has been seen modeling for designers such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss and may be better known by the title he has earned as ‘Fashion Santa.’


One of the malls you will find Mason in is the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Just ask Justin Bieber — a fellow Canadian who stopped by the mall to take a selfie alongside him.


Watch (don’t hate!) as Paul Mason works “Hot Santa!” in the video below.

And he sounds really humble. I get the impression its the Pop&Press interviewer that may be a bit smitten.