Burn in Hell, Fidel! Ice Cream Flavor Brings a Whole New Meaning to Mourning

    Meyer Liebowitz/New York Times Co. / Via Getty Images

    Sure, research from the International Ice Cream Association shows that vanilla remains the most popular flavor among consumers at 28%, but what about something more… exotic? What about a ice cream flavor that symbolizes one of the harshest dictators in the world?

    When Fidel Castro’s death was announced by his brother Raul, the world cheered. The Cuban dictator was known for his harsh treatment of his people, imprisoning thousands, and basically placing the whole nation of Cuba into a time capsule. Dead at 90-years-old, many around the world are thrilled with Castro’s death as it will be able to usher in a period of change for the Cuban people.

    Suzy Battle, owner of Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana Miami, had a unique way to commemorate Castro’s death. So she created a sweet and satisfying ice cream flavor that puts a whole new twist on the ice cream cone. Burn in Hell, Fidel! is a chocolate based ice cream, with a whole lot of cayenne pepper mixed in.

    At four dollars a scoop, Burn in Hell, Fidel! will be a permanent member of Azucar’s creative ice cream collection. It joins other flavors such as cafe con leche, platano maduro, and Abuela Maria, which was named for Battle’s Cuban-born grandmother.

    This sweet retaliation is meant for Cubans and Cuban Americans to come together and celebrate the death of the former Cuban dictator.

    The “Burn in Hell, Fidel” ice cream flavor is composed of chocolate ice cream and the fiery kick of cayenne pepper, which Battle tells 7 News Miami, symbolizes, “the heat he will feel forever.”

    Azucar Ice Cream Company broke the news by posting a creative announcement on Instagram: “New flavor alert! Being made as I type, “Burn in hell, Fidel!” , a chocolate ice cream with a kick in the ass of cayenne and chili pepper! VIVA CUBA LIBRE #vivacubalibre #cubanamerican #cuba #littlehavana #miami #timetocelebrate”

    #Timetocelebrate, indeed.