Apple Announces New iPhone 7, Resale Prices for Old Phone Already Declining

Apple Announces New iPhone 7, Resale Prices for Old Phone Already Declining


*What? An upgrade is due already? Didn’t we just purchase this iPhone? Probably. But that’s apparently how it works. It seems like only months after you spend hundreds on “the latest version” of an Apply iPhone, another version comes out.

That’s why I have an Android. 

On Wednesday, Apple announced its iPhone 7. And according to Matthew Reardon, the marketing manager at Glyde, an electronics marketplace, if you’re thinking about selling your old phone to pay for the upgrade, you’d better HURRY. It’s worth is apparently in rapid decline already.

Of course iPhone lovers will stop at nothing (not even the $649 price tag) to keep up with the techno giant’s newest device. So allow me to guide you to the specs.

But for the slower folks, those who may actually have to mull it over and decide whether they can make up a great excuse for that late rent or car payment, don’t wait too long.

According to an article in The Chicago Tribune: 

Prices typically drop about 15 percent around a new iPhone release on Glyde, with the biggest drops arriving a day or two after the announcement, as upgrading iPhone owners try to offload old devices, Reardon said. Resale prices on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — no longer the newest iPhones on the market — likely will take the biggest hit, he said.

Gazelle, which buys back used electronics, said prices usually drop by about 20 percent when a new iPhone is announced, with prices for the most recent model dropping by as much as $100. But if the changes are considered more modest, as they were when the iPhone 6s replaced the 6, prices likely will drop more slowly through the holidays, Gazelle gadget expert Amy Rice said in an email.

As of this writing, buyback websites were offering $230 and $380 for a 64-gigabyte iPhone 6s in good condition on the AT&T network.

Yes, less than half of what you paid when it first hit the market.

But let’s be honest, on the rare occasion that you run into someone who does not even have a Smartphone, not to mention it being an iPhone,  don’t you give them the side-eye?

How did we ever do without smartphones?

Studies now say 58-percent of the American public are planning to get the newest iPhone model.


Still, those numbers show a decline from the 70-percent that was forecast weeks prior to the 2015 launch of the iPhone 6S and the 2014 launch of the iPhone 6.

What’s-N-ever you plan to do as you consider ridding yourself of your oldie for a newbie, gadget expert Rice recommends you back it up, tech-wise that is.

Back up your phone! Then erase all data and turn off the “Find My iPhone” feature before you resell.

I look forward to speaking with you…on whatever phone you use.