Hershey’s Chocolate Accused of Modern Day Slavery With Child Labor Use

Hershey’s Chocolate Accused of Modern Day Slavery With Child Labor Use


*According to a report by CNN, upwards of 200,000 children, taken from their homes via purchase or outright theft, are now on the Ivory Coast where they are forced into working in the cocoa fields. These children are aged anywhere from 11-16 years and have never set foot in a school.

And did I mention they don’t even get paid?

The Hershey’s Chocolate Corporation has been singled out as it produces more than 40% of the world’s cocoa and “have nearly a majority share of the global chocolate production,” according to a video report (scroll down) on how the corporation has been condoning this practice for nearly a decade, but is only now attempting to move away from it.

The video, which was first published in 2012, speaks on how the chocolate company fools the public with its “Willie Wonka-type” stance and accompanying pollyana type theme park. The speaker says the company “also hides behind acts of domestic charity (a list of its charitable contributions include the NAACP and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation) to make them appear to be a benevolent company.”

The speaker in the video goes on to say…

“These are valid forms of charity, but they distract people from the fact that Hershey is still exploiting children in West African countries, especially Ghana and the Ivory Coast.”

Watch the video report below, where a young boy talks to a white reporter about his life as a child laborer in the cocoa fields. And let us know what you think.