Adult-Themed Amusement Park To Open In 2018

Adult-Themed Amusement Park To Open In 2018


*I’ve often said that, with my kids grown now, I enjoy more adult vacation destinations than the amusement parks I used to take my girls to during Spring Break. No offense to Mickey Mouse, but over the last few years I’ve looked for thrills of a more adult nature.

Mickey is bootylicious. Who knew???
Mickey is bootylicious. Who knew???

But baby, who could have thought about THIS?

An adult-themed amusement park, dubbed “Erotikaland” is being planned in Brazil, with a projected opening date in 2018. 

Start saving your quarters, freaks.

Attractions will include a movie theater with vibrating seats (and GOD only knows what types of films they’ll be showing!), a nudist pool (not a biggie…there’s one of those in my back yard on any given weekend), an erotic museum, a “naughty ghost train”, a snack bar that sells aphrodisiacs, genital-shaped bumper cars (my mind just went there!), and various erotic games.


Erotikaland, quite understandably, will be restricted to guests 18 and over.

Admission to the park will be $100, but hell, we pay that to get into Disneyland these days. And unless you’re Richard Gere, a mouse just isn’t that much of a turn on.

I’ll see you in Brazil in 2018!


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