Parking Lot Crowded, Can’t Locate Your Car? Meet ‘Zus’

Parking Lot Crowded, Can’t Locate Your Car? Meet ‘Zus’


*It was only a matter of time for some genius to come up with a brilliant way to make a buck, based on something we can really use. I just don’t like the fact that it wasn’t me. But, oh well. Back to the lab again. ‘Zus’ is that something. We often forget where we parked our car, and no matter how many times we push the key button, if we’re nowhere near it…

It ain’t gonna work!

But then again, that same “genius” has no doubt experienced the same thing and one day woke up and said, wait! I’m going to create something so this won’t happen to me or anyone else again!

Git ‘er done. And he did.

The “Zus Smart Car Finder and USB Car Charger” mainly works to locate your car.

Here’s how it works! You know that big hole in your car’s dash, formerly known as the cigarette lighter, they had to do something with it for those of us who don’t smoke. So Zus plugs into this 12-volt power point which automatically tells its associated app to save the location of the car when it is parked.

Brilliant, right?

Zus is also rather inconspicuous too. Nothing flashy that sparks attention. Instead, its made of black plastic and has a flanged head with two USB ports. The app measures 3.25 inches long, and an inch at its widest point. The USB ports sit on slightly angled surfaces for better access. ZUS also integrates white LED lights to let you know when it’s on, and makes it easier to find and plug in USB cables at night.

Zus’ associated app gets right down to business with its interface, showing an indicator with the direction and distance of your car (see picture below), along with the time you parked. Slide the screen up and you get a map view of your location and that of your car.


easy time setting the whole thing up, too.

And he said after he parked his car, he checked the Zus app and its indicator pointed straight at his car, showing his distance from it and the time he had parked.

But as you can imagine, even Zus is not perfect. Two immediate issues are if you park in a large parking garage. It’s not configured to tell you which level you parked on, and it won’t be able to save your location if your phone isn’t getting a GPS signal. But if and when that does occur, it will instead prompt you to take a photo of the parking area.

Hey, beats a blank, right?

For more info on Zus visit Roadshow.